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Tsougria Beach is an uber-luxe retreat for explorers of the world’s island idle experiences. Set across Skiathos Island with exquisite and iconic sunsets, Tsougria Beach is the true hidden paradise. The coastline of Tsougria island, where shades of blue greet you for as far as you can see. Imagine the golden sun above you, and the silky sand hugging you at your feet. Tsougria island is an incomparable summer destination with its idyllic landscape, incredible shoreline, and crystal clear waters.

Join us at La Isla and feel the golden sun, where each sunset paints a magnificent view. Watch from your sunbeds as the waves are high and enjoy a breathtaking getaway to paradise in the East of Skiathos.
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The sound of a calm sea with an ocean breeze is an excellent combination to put your mind at ease. Pick where you are most comfortable; our set of sunbeds with umbrellas is perfect for a couple of smaller groups of friends. Our gazebos are your ideal choice if you are in a larger group and seeking a comfortable shade with utmost privacy.

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Sponsored by Red Bull

Team up with friends to play beach volleyball at La Isla! Sponsored by Red Bull, head over to La Isla to enjoy volleyball games at our sand court overlooking the sea. Join us for some beach volleyball at our sand court starting in August for a day filled with fun.

Yoga & Pilates

Join us for daily yoga and pilates starting in August, accompanied by the clear crystal waters for as far as you can see. Discover laid-back yoga and pilates routine in a beautiful beachfront setting, where you can recharge from the hustle of everyday life. Meet our instructor Maria bellow

Massage Therapist

After a day of busy activities or the hustle of Skiathos, starting from August, you can enjoy revitalising massage by our massage therapist in natural surroundings with our revitalising massages that will melt away any stress or tension building up within you.

meet our Pilates instructor

Maria has always loved anything fitness. With a background in ballet, she fell in love with pilates from her early teen years and hasn’t stopped practicing since. She received her certification for pilates mat, props & equipment from Studio One, accredited by Alan Herdman. Ever since she has been teaching one-on-one sessions as well as group classes around the world. Her style combines classical pilates along with weight lifting & cardio moves, serving you dynamic workouts that will keep you energised.