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Passion for lovely food

The La Isla restaurant offers amazing food. Greek specialties and flavors with the best ingredients.

...embrace your emotions

Mihalis Filos


He was born in Athens in 1980, but he lives and raised in Volos, the microbe of cooking and an extension of Italian cuisine began from the age of 16 when working at his uncle's restaurant.
He graduated from the School of Tourism Professions (cooking department) of Thessaloniki and then his goal was realized in Pescara, Italy, where he graduated from the Accademia chef Italiani-pizzaioli.
At the start of his professional course he worked in various hotels and restaurants in various regions of Greece.

In the course of 20 years, he collaborated with many renowned chefs such as Chef Panos Ioannidis and Chef Yiannis Baocovanis, learning and enriching his knowledge and managed to marry Mediterranean cuisine in 'Fusion' dishes with Greek tasting.
for the last 3 years he has been working as an Executive chef in a central restaurant in Volos and consulting chef in two restaurants in Pelion and Skiathos.
At the same time it is a public relations responsible to the Board of Chef's Greek Gastronomy Chef's Club
Cooking is for me is a way of expression and lifestyle. Cooking is something that you will never learn it always have to learn to learn and show about our goal is to show the vision and magic of this journey. Tained.

Chef Μιχάλης Φίλος

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